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Druid Class Nerfed in Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.1

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Blizzard has nerfed the Druid class in the latest patch for Diablo 4. The patch, which was released on August 14, 2023, nerfed several of the Druid's skills, including Maul, Pulverize, Spirit Wolf, Ravenous Spirit, Feral Rage, and Cyclone Strike. The patch also nerfed the Druid's passive skills, Nature's Guardian and Shapeshifting Mastery.

Druid Class Nerfed in Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.1

The nerfs were made in an effort to balance the Druid class and make it more in line with the other classes in the game. However, some players have expressed concern that the nerfs were too severe and have made the Druid class less viable.

One of the most significant nerfs was to the Druid's Maul skill. Maul is a powerful melee attack that was used by many Druid players to deal damage to enemies. The nerf to Maul reduced its damage by 15%, which will make it a less effective skill.
Another significant nerf was to the Druid's Spirit Wolf skill. Spirit Wolf is a summons that can be used to distract enemies and deal damage. The nerf to Spirit Wolf reduced its damage by 10%, which will make it a less effective skill.
The Druid's passive skills were also nerfed. Nature's Guardian grants the Druid damage reduction, and Shapeshifting Mastery grants the Druid increased damage while shapeshifted. The nerfs to these skills reduced their effectiveness by 10% and 5%, respectively.
The nerfs to the Druid class have been met with mixed reactions from players. Some players believe that the nerfs were necessary to balance the class, while others believe that the nerfs were too severe and have made the Druid class less viable.
It is important to note that Blizzard is still actively balancing Diablo 4, and it is possible that the Druid class will receive buffs in future patches. If you are a Druid player, I would recommend keeping an eye on the patch notes to see if any changes are made to the class.

What does this mean for Druid players ?

The nerfs to the Druid class will have a significant impact on Druid players. The nerfs will make the Druid class less effective in combat, and it may be more difficult for Druid players to clear content.
However, the nerfs do not mean that the Druid class is no longer viable. The Druid class still has a lot to offer, and it can still be a powerful class in the right hands.
Druid players who are looking to continue playing the class should focus on finding builds that are less reliant on the nerfed skills. They should also make sure to gear their characters appropriately and use the right legendary items.
With a little bit of effort, Druid players can still be successful in Diablo 4, even after the nerfs.

What do I think about the Druid class nerf ?

I think the Druid class nerf was a unnecessary step, Players already putted effort and time to find the BiS items and they were motivated playing this way in season this, the exact reason which made the game really fun. The nerf really ruined it for some of the players who based themself on the mixed shred build. Many players I disucssed with in the clan sayed the game is ruined for them and they don't see a reason to play anymore in this season. 

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