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Skull and Bones: How to Farm Sea Monsters

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Struggling to farm Sea Monsters in Skull and Bones? This guide teaches you how to conquer the mighty Kuharibu daily via the 'From the Deep' quest. Location, tips, and Smuggler's Pass challenge info included. Hunt legendary loot, matey!

Skull and Bones: How to Farm Sea MonstersSkull and Bones: How to Farm Sea Monsters

Ahoy there, scallywags! Looking to fill your pockets with loot by hunting the fearsome beasts of the deep? You've come to the right place! While there isn't a guaranteed way to just endlessly farm any sea monster in Skull and Bones, there is a reliable method to target the notorious Kuharibu.

Here's the lowdown on how to farm Kuharibu in Skull and Bones:

  • Set Sail for "From the Deep": This daily hunting quest is your key to encountering Kuharibu. Head over to the Lanitra Outpost and seek out the Sea People Huntmaster NPC. They'll be happy to point you towards the "From the Deep" quest.

    Skull and Bones -  'From the deep' quest giver located in Lanitra Outpost
  • Hunt the Mighty Kuharibu: The "From the Deep" quest will task you with taking down the legendary Kuharibu. This beastie packs a punch, so be prepared for a thrilling fight!
  • Repeat Daily for More Monstrous Rewards: By completing "From the Deep" each day, you'll significantly increase your chances of encountering Kuharibu. Remember, daily reset is your friend here.

Bonus Tip: Smuggler's Pass Ahoy!

Don't forget that tackling "From the Deep" three times a week contributes to your Smuggler's Pass challenges. So, while you're farming that sweet Kuharibu loot, you'll also be progressing your Pass for even more goodies!

While there isn't a magic trick to make Kuharibu appear every single time, focusing on the "From the Deep" daily quest is the most reliable way to set sail for a monster hunt. With a little perseverance, you'll be a Kuharibu-conquering pirate legend in no time!

Happy Hunting!

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  • Luchide
    if you abandoning the quest it won't let you pick the quest again for the whole day.
    Luchide, 1 month ago

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